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Take your children on an  adventure to learn about the planets, Copernicus, and his model of the universe!

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About the author

Although Tracey writes for a living, she is a first-time author of the children’s book, Harry and Larry’s Epic Adventure, the Copernicus Chronicle. She likes to write about science concepts in rhyme, believes that science is fascinating and fun, and wants to share her enthusiastic curiosity about science and the people who work in science with young children.


She has worked on Capitol Hill, in international trade law, as a litigator and an employment lawyer. Life though is about balance, moving forward and adapting to changes as necessary with the boldness to persevere. 


She raised her children to understand that each person has unique value, and it was their job as a person to discover their talents. Their mantra is to learn about the world, to boldly ask questions, to explore what they find interesting and importantly, to not give up on their dreams when confronted with adversity.


Currently, she lives in St. Louis and has two boys who are now in college and studying to be engineers. If the characters in the book do anything inappropriate, like kicking balls in the house, it is the fault of her sons. The characters are based on them, and they habitually explored their boundaries.

Learn about science and our amazing world!

Ages 4-7. A lyrical picture book that will spark a child's imagination and interest in an Earth Science STEM topic!